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Fedegari Autoklaven AG believes it is strategically important to determine which Distributors and which Agents possess adequate requisites to become Authorized Technical Support Centers.  Competent servicing personnel and an efficient organisation are indispensable characteristics for an Authorized Technical Support Center, as poor quality technical servicing not only penalizes the Organization that provides it but also harms the product’s image and that of the company that makes it.
Fedegari Autoklaven AG
is convinced that well-trained technical personnel are indispensable in order to achieve constantly improving service quality.
In this regard, Fedegari Autoklaven AG is willing to organize modular training courses on our autoclave sterilization products for technical personnel of different levels of competency regarding the products.
Fedegari Autoklaven AG provides support and entrusts qualified tasks only to those Authorized Technical Support Centers whose technical personnel has recognized qualifications and certified skills.


Organisation and types of services

The level of professionalism and quality of a modern technological equipment company are measured today by the satisfaction of its Customers’ increasingly demanding requirements in terms of global post-sale assistance services. 
Fedegari Autoklaven AG’s organizational structure features a Central Coordination Office at its Bedano plant for Canton Ticino Switzerland and a network of Authorized Technical Assistance Centers distributed all over Italy and on all major European and world markets, where it operates in collaboration with local representatives and dealers.

Our company is equipped to provide the following services along with its products:


Preliminary technical consultancy
By contacting Fedegari Autoklaven AG, Customers can receive preliminary information and advice on technical  matters applicable to our autoclave sterilizers and also on the services provided by our assistance network, all with the object of guiding our Customers towards the most appropriate solutions.


FAT Factory Acceptance Test
Fedegari Autoklaven AG makes it possible for Customers to be present, if they wish, at the final testing and inspection of their sterilizers, whose release depends on the successful outcome of the tests indicated in a specific protocol.


Installation and commissioning (start-up)
The correct utilization of the steam sterilizer necessarily depends on proper installation, and in particular on checking the effectiveness of the safety devices foreseen by the manufacturer.


User training
Together with the installation activities, Customers can have a training course held that teaches how to make correct use of the sterilizer so as to ensure optimized efficiency and compliance with safety rules. For Fedegari, adequate training does not mean just a company training programme for our own technical personnel in every sector from design to production and customer assistance. Great attention is also devoted to training the technical staff of our Customers and dealers, thanks to a regular programme of courses for technical personnel on the use and maintenance of our equipment.



Calibration of analog signals and instrument checks
To assure the sterlizer’s lasting efficiency, measurements and performance tests are carried out on the laboratory apparatus provided, with consequent issue of the relative certificate, in accordance with the applicable specifications for all the physical parameters
of the sterilization process.


Validation activities (IQ-OQ)
In addition to the usual technical documentation and user’s and maintenance handbooks, which are supplied as an integral part of the equipment, Fedegari also provides upon request the standard validation protocols IQ, OQ and PQ drawn up in accordance with cGMP, cGLP and EN285/EN554 standards, all in constant partnership with the Customer.
The validation service can be extended to the application of the above protocols directly to the specific machine and/or the customer’s production site.


Programmed and on-call maintenance
The maintenance contract offers customers the following advantages:

 longer-lasting equipment
 maximized operational safety
 planned management costs for spares and labour
 repair calls attended to within 24 – 48 hours

Programmed Maintenance contract
Foresees one or more inspection visits per year to check the state of operation and wear of all the main components of the equipment.  Does not include spares and repair calls.

On-Call Maintenance contract
Foresees one or more inspection visits per year to check the state of operation and wear of all the main components of the equipment.  Includes a predetermined number of repair calls, but does not include spares.


Repair work and alterations (upgrades)
Thanks to its specialized personnel, Fedegari is able to carry out maintenance work for customers in Canton Ticino and in other countries with certified instrumentation and original spare parts.
In addition, at the plant in Bedano it performs overhauls and reconditioning work on its own products to upgrade them for compliance with the most up-to-date standards and regulations currently in force, with complete functional checking and testing.


Original spare parts

At the plant in Bedano, Fedegari guarantees the availability for its Customers of a vast assortment of original spare parts for the entire life-cycle of all equipment supplied. Thanks
to a controlled warehouse management and stocks system and an efficient and flexible work system, Fedegari is able to guarantee the fast supply of parts to its Customers using a coding system that  allows easy identification of the individual parts required.

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