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The FVG series consists of vertical, top-loaded saturated steam sterilizers with automatic operation. Their innovative and rational design, user-friendly proces controller and high-quality materials and finishings make the performance characteristics and reliability of these machines superior to that of all others in the same category. FVG sterilizers are suitable for the treatment of standard laboratory materials (glassware, miscellaneous instruments, culture media,  non pathogenic laboratory wastes, etc.) and are an excellent choice for routine applications in Microbiology, Analysis and Quality Control, Research Institutes, Universities, Pharmaceutical and Clinical Laboratories, and for Industries of various types. The range consists of three models with different useful load capacities:

 FVG1 50 litres
 FVG2 75 litres
 FVG3 140 litres

The distinctive features of this line of sterilizers are:

 Compact ergonomic design
• Excellent safety and simple operating system
• Efficient performance with reduced utilities consumption
• Automated operation
• Complete programmability and easy maintenance and operation
• Easy transportation and installation

The design concept of the FVG sterilizers combines the application of the most advanced sterilization technology with the objective of producing a machine that would be economical, compact and easy to use.

In the basic version, these sterilizers feature as standard equipment a separate internal electric steam generator with a water feed pump and an air compressor with a 2 litre buffer tank for the lid’s pneumatic sealing gasket and other uses. It is also equipped with a set of 4 robust pivotting wheels to facilitate transportation and moving during installation and maintenance work.

The FVG sterilizers, in the basic version,  therefore require only connection to the electricity mains, to a demineralized or deionized water supply for steam production, and to drains.
In addition, by choosing the appropriate options it is also possible to install the sterilizers in places where no connection to hydraulic/pneumatic supply lines and sewers is available. In this case, their installation is extremely simple and involves only connection to  the electricity system.

For the FVG1 and FVG2 models, a single-phase version is also available featuring a low-capacity but efficient electrical steam generator for the usual standard laboratory processes.

Inside the cabinet, the standard equipment includes a system that recovers heat from condensates to preheat the water supplied to the steam generator, which allows savings in power consumption.

The sterilization chamber, lid, steam generator and main components are all of high-strength AISI 316L steel, and the pressure vessels are guaranteed by Fedegari for 10 years.
The sterilizer’s self-support structure is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, while the outer casing consists of panels of polyurethane resin and  stainless steel, with a handsome lid of high-strength polyurethane foam for effective thermal and acoustic insulation.

The entire hydraulic system, steam generator, water pressurizing pump, solenoid valves and electrical system are contained inside the cabinet. Access to the various components for maintenance is assured by easy removal of the external panels of the sterilizer.

In the front part of the machine are the chamber and generator pressure/vacuum gauges, process printer (optional), electronic control panel with monochromatic LCD screen and emergency manual pressure discharge valve.

The sterilizer is also equipped with a blind flanged through-pass (DN26) which can accomodate up to 12 validation probes.

Exclusive lid-sealing system with pneumatic gasket
On this line of compact sterilizers too, Fedegari has adopted the same special-section gasket  used on all its industrial sterilizers and the exclusive horizontally swivelling system to close the sterilizer chamber lid, instead of more the complicated and less safe traditions mechanical systems based on radial levers or other mechanisms involving both construction and maintenance difficulties.

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