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The new and innovative FVA/A1 series of vertical automatic steam sterilizers has been designed to meet the strictest requirements of the most demanding applications in the following sectors:

 Microbiology and Analysis Laboratories
 Research Institutes and Government Agencies
 Life Sciences and Genetic Engineering
 Pharmaceutical and Food Industries
 Hospital and Biomedical Sectors
 Other industrial sectors and special technological applications

FVA/A1 saturated steam sterilizers are available in two models:

 FVA2/A1 – useful capacity 75 litres
 FVA3/A1 – useful capacity 140 litres

Thanks to specialized expertise and original and innovative design solutions, this new line of vertical floor-standing sterilizers guarantees superior performance characteristics along with the extreme reliability, safety and durability assured by the high quality of its structural materials and components under the total quality guarantee assured by Vision 2000 – ISO 13485 ad TÜV certification.

The special and exclusive features of this new range of sterilizers are:

 Innovative and elegant design with very attractive and distinctive styling
 Perfect user ergonomics in keeping with the customer’s own requirements thanks to
  optimized loading height and full internal accessibility
 Extremely safe and reliable operation
 Highly versatile programming and control system
 Excellent performance characteristics with higher productivity and lower operating costs
 Extremely flexible and personalizable processing cycles thanks to its unique modular
  design concept
 New PLC controller  system with wide colour Touch Screen display and
  validated management software

 Certifications in accordance with the strictest applicable quality standards and
  international specifications

The very wide range of modular equipment options available allow these sterilizers to be configurated with “custom made” flexibility to meet each user’s requirements along with the possibility of subsequent “upgrading” to meet new needs, always using the most advanced technologies available.

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